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Aligners: mouth guards for aligning teeth. The price of installation in Dubai

What are the aligners?

In fact, these are transparent braces. They have many names: plastic and invisible braces, incognito braces. They are also called mouth guards for aligning teeth. They are created from transparent silicone. It is a safe material that does not cause allergies. Aligners are designed to fix minor defects and are suitable for both adults and children. One of the main conditions is the absence of milk teeth. The technology is being developed for children from 7 years old, but it is advisable to use aligners from the age of 12/13. Serious self-discipline is required to wear them as they are removable. The main thing is not to forget to wear them again because the result will be reached only under condition of wearing them on an ongoing basis.

Bite correction without braces

Bite pathologies can lead to tooth decay, impaired diction, digestive troubles – and this is only a short list of consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the bite.

Aligning teeth, as well as correcting a bite without braces, is currently gaining momentum. Not everyone wants to see “pieces of iron” in their mouths (we are talking about metal bracket systems, by the way ?). Many people think that wearing them is uncomfortable and unattractive. Someone can find them unsuitable because of the materials they are made from. Therefore, more and more people are looking towards the “invisible ” ones.

Is it possible for them to align the teeth, remove the gaps between them and correct the bite? Sure. But there are several exceptions. Let’s consider the main disadvantages, as well as the advantages of aligners.

Aligners: mouth guards


  • Not all defects can be corrected. They can’t solve problems with serious crowding or malocclusion;
  • You should wear them from 18 to 22 hours a day and not to forget about changing them permanently;
  • The price is quite high as the whole complex treatment is created.


  • Aesthetics. They are hardly noticeable. It can be said that they are almost invisible if not to look closely. That is a big advantage in comparison with conventional bracket systems;
  • Easy to wear. Do not cause serious discomfort. Easy to remove;
  • Comfort. Mouth guards do not irritate the gums and oral mucosa. They are comfortable and soft;
  • Safety. Mouth guards do not harm teeth: enamel retains its original appearance, and there is no risk of caries;
  • Allow to correct some types of malocclusion (cross, deep, mesial);
  • Modern modelling technologies (3D);
  • Individual approach. Mouth guard preparing according to your dental records;
  • Short treatment time: less than wearing braces.
Aligners or braces: which is better?

Aligners. Pros and cons

In which cases are the aligners allowed to be set? When is this procedure needed to be done? In which ones are they prohibited? We’ll explain you step by step.


  • The presence of wide interdental spaces (diastemas and tremas);
  • Crowding of teeth, their irregular position in a row;
  • Malocclusion;
  • Tilt of the teeth in one of the sides, as well as displacement forward or backwards;
  • Abnormal forms of dentition;
  • The need to prepare a place on the jaw for prosthetics;
  • Fixing the results after wearing braces.

Also, they must be set by people who are contraindicated wearing braces because of an allergy to the metal the construction is made from.


  • The presence of an uncut tooth;
  • The presence of dental calculus;
  • Gum diseases;
  • Severe neurological diseases;
  • Heavy course of somatic diseases;
  • Anomalies in the jaw development;
  • Acute stages of periodontal disease;
  • Children and adolescents with unformed dental system.

Varieties of mouth guards. Which one to choose?

Currently, there are several popular brands of aligners, which are Invisalign, 3D Smile, OrthoSnap, Star Smile and so on.

Kate Middleton: teeth before and after wearing aligners

For example, the most famous brand – Invisalign – was the first to appear on the market in 1998. Since 2003, the technology that is used to create mouth guards and subsequently correct the occlusion has been included in the curriculum of many American medical schools.

Invisalign mouth guards are created only in the USA and have successfully established themselves not only in the circle of orthodontists but also among many foreign stars – artists, actors, showmen, etc. Notable examples include singer Justin Bieber, actresses Anna Kendrick and Eva Longoria, television presenter Oprah Winfrey, and even the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to cure tooth decay and gum disease before installing incognito braces. Enamel remineralization is also advisable.

The entire treatment process is designed in a specialized computer program. Namely, the following data is collected, such as a 3D-model of the jaw, options of mouth guards and the result of treatment. Thus, the probability of errors, especially human ones, is excluded.

As a result, the aligners are not created by the piece, there is a whole set. It consists of 10-25 mouth guards. They accurately repeat the shape of the dentition taking into account micromotion of the teeth. The subsequent ones are more specific with special effect on the incisors. On average, the design is modified once every two weeks. In total, mouth guards are worn from 6 months to a year.

Which option is cheaper and better: aligners or braces? ‘Transparent’ Alternative

What is the main difference between aligners and braces? Aligners can be removed, in addition, they are invisible. Braces, for the most part, will be visible to others. The lingual system is at least inconspicuous, but rather uncomfortable in comparison with the aligners.

Invisible braces

Another advantage of aligners is their ‘addictive’ effect. Your teeth and gums won’t bleed if you wear mouth guards. Cases of irritation of the oral cavity are extremely rare.

Regarding the meal, there are some restrictions on food consumption of products while wearing braces. You don’t have to limit yourself in the same way with the aligners. You can continue eating nuts, apples, corn, chips and popcorn. Just take off your mouth guard and enjoy. The aligners are simple to use: they must be removed during meals. They should be kept in a special container. After eating (morning and in evening), make sure you rinse them with warm water. Also, do not forget to brush your teeth after eating. Do not use toothbrushes with hard and firm bristles because you can damage the silicone sides of the mouth guard. You need to purchase special soft brushes.

How much are the mouth guards? Price in Dubai

Aligners for teeth aligning are rapidly gaining the market becoming increasingly popular. What is the cost of their installation in the UAE? Each case is individual. Mouth guards are really expensive. They will be higher in price than braces as this is the whole “silicone complex” ? The more serious your problem is, the higher is the price. Indeed, fixing significant defects requires a larger number of mouth guards. But the money spent will be justified by a high result. For preliminary consultation, we suggest you coming to us for examination and acquaintance. Sign up by calling number indicated on the website: call or text us using WhatsApp. We will be happy to make your smile dazzling!

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