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Zoom teeth whitening


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Zoom whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is an extremely effective procedure, which can bleach your teeth up to 12 shades in a short period of time. Experts assure that the achieved result can last up to 2-3 years.The basis of Zoom whitening treatment system is an acid-free gel based on hydrogen peroxide, in which oxygen molecules are liberated by exposure to the light of a special lamp. Active oxygen has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the tooth and eliminate even strong and persistent pigmentation of the teeth.

Does zoom whitening work?

Yes, it really does! Zoom is the most popular American bleaching system, which gained worldwide fame among doctors and patients in the 90s. Currently, this is one of the most effective and reliable systems among all. This technique is ideal for busy people, because it allows you to carry out the procedure in 2 hours maximum.

Pluses of zoom teeth whitening procedure:

  • zoom dental whitening technique is able to eliminate even the most persistent pigmentation caused by not only coloring products such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, but also the darkening resulting from fluorosis and prolonged intake of antibiotics;
  • zoom whitening makes it possible to lighten your teeth up to 12 shades, which is much more than other existing techniques can offer;
  • the effect from the procedure can persist for a sufficiently long period of time – up to five years;
  • zoom whitening price is quite low and is available to citizens with an average income.

Contraindications to teeth whitening “ZOOM”

A responsible and conscientious specialist, a professional in his field will never recommend teeth whitening if there are the following contraindications:

  • increased sensitivity of the teeth;
  • allergy to the components of the whitening gel;
  • poorly installed seals;
  • inflammation of the gums;
  • untreated caries;
  • chips or defects in the enamel;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • oncological diseases.

Pros for “Zoom” teeth whitening:

  • the whitening method is able to eliminate even the most persistent pigmentation caused not only by staining due to products such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, but also darkening caused by fluorosis and prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • Zoom whitening allows you to color your teeth up to 12 shades, which is much more than other existing methods;
  •        эффект от процедуры может сохраняться в течение достаточно длительного периода времени – до пяти лет;
  • the price of teeth whitening is quite low and affordable for middle-income citizens.

Minuses of zoom whitening:

Is zoom teeth whitening safe? According to experts and some zoom whitening reviews, during the procedure, the patient may experience minor discomfort, and in some cases, pain, because the ultraviolet to some extent heats the dental tissues. In addition, in certain cases, patients may experience the following side effects:

  • the active bleaching agent can sometimes irritate oral cavity;
  • a few days after the procedure, in some cases, depending on the state of the enamel of the teeth, there may be an increase in sensitivity and pain reactions to temperature effects and acids;
  • under certain conditions, there might be an effect of so-called “re-bleaching”. In this case, the teeth become unnatural matte white.

Our clinic uses the most modern Zoom 3 and Zoom 4 teeth whitening system. The distinctive feature of Zoom 2 is the reduced lamp exposure time to tooth enamel, which prevents the appearance of sensitivity of teeth during the whitening session.

Zoom whitening cost

Our prices for teeth whitening will also pleasantly surprise you, because they are one of the most reasonable in Dubai. Call us if you want to know how much does zoom teeth whitening cost for you!

Also come to our clinic to find out more about zoom whitening process or aftercare nuances.

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