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Hollywood smile – Dubai leading dentistry trend

We’re one of the best dental clinics in Dubai where you can make yourself a hollywood smile – there is no doubt in that fact. But first you need to get some information about hollywood smile procedure, right?

Let us tell you what is hollywood smile. It’s a perfectly white and straight teeth. This term easily understandable to any person, even that who doesn’t understand anything in movies. The expression itself appeared in the 1930s thanks to the Hollywood dentist Charles Pinkus, he invented the technology of getting a perfect smile which got very popular in actor circles. Nowadays this term has integrated into the dental clinics lexicon and more often is perceived as a hollywood smile dental procedure.

You may be wondering now how to get a Hollywood smile?

Well, there are various procedures that are often applied in the complex. Minimally invasive techniques include professional hygiene and teeth whitening. Art restoration of teeth, lumineers installation, veneers, crown replacement, orthodontic treatment and implantation require more serious intervention.

The most popular way of creating beautiful smile is lumineers or porcelain veneers installation. They are in high demand among patients. It’s not strange, because they have more than enough merits:

  • Aesthetic effect in the shortest possible time.
  • The ability to hide spots that the teeth whitening can’t cope with.
  • Painless installation.
  • High strength.
  • Resistance to color changes, opacities (veneers are resistant to the effects of coloring food and tobacco).
  • Long service life (about 15 years).
  • Your own teeth integrity.
  • No need in special care.

Have you ever heard of smile design?

Now, even before the treatment, we suggest you to approve the design of your new smile. Special technology of Digital Smile Design, developed by Dr. Christian Koachman, allows you to make calculations in advance taking into account all the facial symmetry parameters and plan the position, shape and color of the teeth.

Here is how it works:

On the consultation we make a series of your photographs and cast of the upper and lower jaws. After that the pictures get processed by a special program, drawing out the contours of an ideal smile, based on your initial wishes.

Than we transfer this sketch to the laboratory, where the technician, focusing on it, makes a model of new teeth from the wax.

As a result, we receive your pictures before and after treatment at the consultation. Finished images, let’s call them “project of future teeth”, we’ll give to you in a digital form. You can check them at home, show to relatives and friends. Maybe you’ll accept first proposed option, or you might make adjustments – at this stage it is absolutely not difficult to do.

So when the design is approved, we proceed to treatment and you know what you’ll get and what you pay for.

Prices for Hollywood smile in Dubai same as digital smile design price may vary but you should understand it’s not a cheap treatment. Hollywood smile cost in our dental clinic is determined by the materials cost and the cost of dentist work.

For more accurate information – call us and come for a consultation.

dentist work. For more precise information call us and come for consultation. You don’t need to look for “hollywood smile dental clinic” no more, because you have already found the best choice!

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