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Liam S.

The procedure was quite long for me,because of my incorrect bite. I visited the doctor several times: the first was consultation, then I came for a fitting, after that, I waited for the molds of the crown, then I picked up the color… But it was worth it, as a result, my ceramic crown has no difference with my teeth. After a while, I had to put ceramic crowns for chewing teeth. It’s been 5 years since then and I did not notice any problems or shortcomings.

Nick S.

Since I can remember, I have always had yellow enamel, despite the fact that I was cleaning my teeth regularly, used good toothpaste and did not smoke. Of course, I was embarrassed with my smile – on all photos I smiled only with my lips. I tried some inexpensive home whitening systems, but they did not give any result.

I did all doctor’s recommendations before and after the Zoom teeth whitening procedure, and as a result – my teeth bleached for 3 tones (from A3 to B1).

Susanna N.

Complexes about my teeth haunted me all conscious life.

It had such a dissonance with my appearance that I did not like myself and always tried not to smile showing my teeth. At the age of 31 I decided to install porcelain veneers. This is a long and sometimes painful procedure, but the pain quickly forgot, and the joy came from the sight of my reflection in the mirror and a beautiful natural smile!

Mark B.

After pregnancy, my sister’s teeth deteriorated, although they were always healthy and beautiful. She decided to make herself a present for the anniversary – to return a beautiful smile.

We were choosing the procedure for a long time but nevertheless decided to choose lumineers, because for their installation it is not necessary to damage the teeth and  my sister was very afraid of this).

As a result, my sister was delighted, because she saw a natural and beautiful smile in the mirror.

Maria S.

Near the canine tooth, my tooth began to deteriorate imperceptibly. I did not even notice. Just one day it completely broke up. The biggest problem was that when I smiled it was obvious that there was no tooth. Dentists offered a variety of options, but among them I chose a ceramic dental crown. I can say that the procedure is painless, but quite long.