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Lumineers in Dubai

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What are lumineers?

The innovative invention of the American laboratory CERINATE better known as “Hollywood smile”. They are the finest plates of a new generation ceramics, comparable in thickness to contact lenses for the eyes. Due to their ultra-thinness the installation doesn’t require serious pre-treatment of teeth. The tooth surface only needs to be cleaned, and then covered with a harmless special compound necessary for better connection of enamel and ceramics. Unlike porcelain veneers, lumineering is a reversible process: the plates can be removed without damaging the tooth enamel, thereby restoring the original teeth.

Lumineers teeth have obvious advantages. These include:

  • Possibility of installing them without any teeth deformation;
  • You only need to visit the dental clinic twice. The first time for making a cast, and the second for installing lumineers;
  • Absolute painlessness of the procedure, the entire procedure is performed without local anesthesia;
  • During the waiting period, there is no need to install temporary constructions that may cause discomfort.
  • Lumineers retain their natural shiny color, which is impossible to say about fillings and composite restorations, which eventually change color.
  • They have increased strength and, subject to certain conditions, they serve for more than 20 years.

Who needs lumineers smile?

Lumineers procedure are suitable for correction of both the posterior and anterior teeth. With their help you can change color and shape of the tooth, reduce the sensitivity of the enamel and close the gap between the teeth. You can fix small chips and scratches as well. Lumineers can have a different degree of transparency, and the palette of their shades is almost limitless. If you have difficulties with erasure of teeth, which arises from the malfunction of the jaws or due to age-related changes, lumineers should be a great decision for you. It is worth noting that with age, teeth inevitably lose their volume, and the less they become, the older the person looks. In such cases, installing lumineers not only makes the smile beautiful, but also returns youth.

You can correct a wide variety of unsightly dental distortions or conditions such as:

  • Tooth discolouration
  • Unsightly gaps between teeth
  • Permanent stains
  • Broken or misshapen teeth
  • Discoloured crowns or bridges.
  • Faded crowns or bridges

They are also an excellent alternative to braces (straightens crooked teeth).

Do lumineers have contraindications?

Lumineers have certain contraindications. For example, they are not recommended for patients with strongly bulging or very large anterior teeth – the overlays only underline the defect. People with a strongly retracted lower jaw or deformed lower teeth have a problem with correct distribution of the load on the dentition, which can cause some difficulties in the installation of lumineers. However a good specialist can make an esthetic correction even with such serious problems.

Lumineers cost

What is lumineers cost per tooth Dubai is one of the most popular questions on Google search. You should understand that lumineers price may vary because of complexity of each certain case. If you would like to find out average cost of lumineers or lumineers cost for whole mouth you should call us or visit our clinic at Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

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