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Children’s Dentistry


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Pediatric dentistry

What is a good and high-quality children’s dentistry? How not to discourage a child from visiting a dentist after the first seance? What needs to be done for your child’s excellent teeth and not to get into troubles in future? The answers to all these questions and a lot of other useful things we will examine in our article.

Children’s dentist. Dubai

Statistics show that only 10% of the population have ideal teeth from birth. The rest are working hard to make the truly “Hollywood” smile. You should start from an early age, when the bulk of the possible problems can be solved by the most harmless procedures. Parents need to take proper care of the health of their child, providing him with professional treatment from an early age. Therefore, a pediatric dentist is the specialist whose work plays an important role in maintaining the health of the child.

The choice of choosing a doctor for their kid requires parents’ responsibility because the level of his professionalism directly affects the quality of the procedures performed, as well as own impressions of the child from the treatment.

At an early age, a special approach is needed, because during the dentist’s appointment children often receive psychological injuries that affect their future life.

Therefore, all procedures for children in our dental clinic are play-based. Our little patients are happy to come again since our doctors:

  • Allow to sit in an armchair and explore what surrounds them;
  • Tell a lot of interesting facts and show cartoons;
  • Install not ordinary but multi-colored fillings;
  • And make sure to present a gift to the child at the end of all procedures.

Another undoubted advantage is that a Russian-speaking doctor works in our clinic. After all, finding the right words for your child is much easier for him, and it will be so sweet and pleasant for your child to hear familiar speech.

Dental treatment for children

Our children are the best part of our life, so the parental task is to accustom kids to the systematic dentist visit, even if no obvious problems seem to be observed. Do it in a proper way and the baby will not know why dad or mom do not like the “tooth aunt”.

Fortunately, today there are opportunities for the baby to not get acquainted with toothache that is great for modern children and their parents. A lot of private clinics of high-class pediatrics or family dentistry have appeared. They provide a decent level of treatment and services. This is especially felt in the United Arab Emirates, where everything around is an example of highest quality.

If you have an appointment with an experienced specialist who is getting on well with children, there are no problems with dental treatment. You could hear that doctors usually do not want to waste time on moody patients. So, they offer parents to “lull” baby in order to make their life easier. Do not let them persuade you! Remember that any dental treatment for children under anesthesia is a difficult procedure, therefore you need to resort to it only in extreme cases!

If the teeth problems are serious, parents need to be patient and trust the doctor, who will decide himself what and in what sequence needs to be “repaired”. Of course, you need to choose a dentist who has got significant experience of working with children – both obedient and naughty. Sometimes, you need to make several visits in order to establish a trusting relationship and this case requires no serious manipulations with children’s teeth.

As for the clinics, choose a specialized one, where treatment is combined with the game. And what’s important, the high technologies used in pediatric dentistry allow children to relax and doctors to treat qualitatively.

We, in turn, will do everything possible to make the treatment of your baby’s teeth occur without tears.

Baby teeth. To treat or wait till they fall out?

Some parents strongly believe that treating baby teeth is not necessary because they will fall out anyway. Thereby, the child often finds himself in the dental chair when it is impossible to save the tooth. Of course, this approach is fundamentally wrong. The rudiments of the molar (permanent) teeth are located under the milk teeth and the early loss of temporary teeth or extensive infections threaten a number of complications: from impaired development of permanent teeth to serious dentoalveolar anomalies.

So the absence of a milk tooth leads to:

  • Malocclusion, improper development of the entire jaw;
  • The deflection of healthy teeth that begin to move in the direction of the missing one;
  • Speech problems: speech and pronunciation suffer, diction is disturbed;
  • Violation of the digestive system, as chewing food is getting worse;
  • Psychological problems: shyness and self-doubt appear.

To sum up, you need to monitor dental health and fix problems in a timely manner from the young age.

Prevention and instruction in proper brushing

As already explained above, healthy baby teeth are the guarantor of the normal formation of molar teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to teach a child how to brush teeth daily from the moment the first tooth appears. First you need to do it yourself to show own example. To do this, buy a silicone brush that is fixed on your finger. And nearly the age of one you can buy a special toothbrush in the form of a toy.

After a year, begin to teach your baby to use toothpaste, preferably a special children’s toothpaste for milk teeth. Do not forget that this procedure should be done twice a day.

Also adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Pay particular attention to baby nutrition. It should be as saturated with useful components as possible and contain the necessary vitamins;
  • The diet of baby food should exclude excess food with high sugar content. You should also try to avoid drinking too acidic drinks;
  • Follow the advice of the pediatrician to enhance the protection of the immune system;
  • Regularly replace toothpastes and brushes according to age;
  • By your own example instill a habit of hygiene: brush your teeth twice: morning and evening.

Where to treat children’s teeth in the UAE?

As the first day of school

The first visit forms the impression of the baby for many years. It is so important that he likes it and wants to return.

Children’s dental ailments are insidious as they progress quickly, and the consequences can be life-long. Thus, do not wait until the baby complains that the tooth hurts – arrange preventive visits to the pediatric dentist every three months. This will help to avoid many problems in the future and, by the way, it is economically more profitable to prevent many diseases at the stage of their occurrence than to treat them later.

If you delayed this and missed the moment of a simple acquaintance with a doctor without treatment, then this is not a problem.

Let’s heal 🙂

It is essential that the selected clinic has everything you need for quality work with young patients. All equipment presented in specialized cabinets should be modern. Even if the baby needs an injection, then a truly professional will perform this procedure with a special device, completely unlike an injection.

We are not afraid to take responsibility for the health of your child’s teeth. And we guarantee that he will like us and he will have a desire to visit our professionals and experts again.

Children’s dentistry. Prices in UAE

How much does children’s dental treatment cost in the Emirates?

Children’s Dental Clinic in Dubai offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Acquaintance with the rules of dental care;
  • Accurate and quick diagnosis;
  • Caries treatment;
  • Elimination of other infections;
  • Alignment of teeth;
  • Teeth extraction;
  • Immediate emergency assistance;
  • Safe anesthesia.

The cost of the session will depend on the kind of procedures your child needs. For example, the cheapest is the removal of a movable milk tooth -150 dirhams , composite filling around 250-300 dirhams.

We are ready to consult you about prices in advance before your visit. To do this, contact us by phone number +971 (56) 541-72-70. Also, for the convenient communication with customers, you can write to us on the same number in WhatsApp – and we will call you back.

Finally, we also have children, so we, like no one else, understand how important it is to take care of their health. And what’s important is have clean, shiny and healthy teeth. We will grow with your child from the first milk tooth to the last permanent one.

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