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Dental tourism. Guide to the UAE

Стоматологический туризм Дубай


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What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is the type of medical tourism. In fact, it is a comprehensive dental treatment and the solution of any problem of the oral cavity when you are far from the place of your residence. This phenomenon came to us from the West – every second one there is obsessed with the health and beauty of the teeth.

We can agree that each of us used to dream about “killing two birds with one stone.” Namely, at the same time relax and solve your problems. The UAE is the perfect place for that. This is where you can soak up the sun on the white beaches sunbathing and sparkle with a beautiful smile ear-to-ear! Not without reason dental tourism is so-called “dental vacation”.

Dental vacation in the UAE. Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of dental treatment in the UAE:

  • Visa-free regime. The absence of an additional “headache” due to the process of documents` packaging for most residents of the “Russian-speaking” regions of Europe and Asia, namely, Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs, etc. Saved money from visas can be spent on additional dental procedures or you can book excursions to get acquainted with any of the seven emirates on the Persian Gulf.
  • Advanced technology. In conditions of the highest competition, we work only with professional equipment and modern materials.
  • Qualified staff. We have been trained in higher medical institutions, participated in various seminars and master classes. And now we confirm our high professionalism in practice, competing in the market with “crème de la crème”.
  • Russian-speaking doctor, no language barrier. We freely provide services to patients in both Russian and English.
  • Flexibility. We are experts. We are ready to help with solving the problems with your teeth as in an integrated way, in advance, and pointwise, instantly.


  • A huge problem in this process is the service quality provided outside the “native walls”. After all, you are unlikely to come back to that country, if you have any other teeth defects later. There is always a risk. We are to minimize it: we will do it “as for ourselves” qualitatively and for a long time. We will be pleased if our patients recommend us to their friends in future.
  • We can’t offer “tax – free” for the medical services provided.
  • And the main drawback is that after making teeth in our clinic, you can then eat a lot of sweets, not only in the UAE, where there is plenty to choose from, but also in your country!
Dental tourism. Guide to the UAE

Dental Tours in Dubai, UAE

Combine business with pleasure: solve problems with your teeth, and also visit Dubai – a city that is in TOP 10 most visited tourist destinations on the planet. It has already “overtaken” New York and Paris and is ready to break into the top five in the nearest future. This metropolis, the pearl of the Persian Gulf, is growing and developing every year by leaps and bounds – in every branch, including dentistry.

In large cities, the competition in the field of dentistry plays a decisive role in the continuous improvement of the level of services. Our clinic is not limited to dental treatment only. We offer a wide range of services – from whitening and teeth removal to the “Hollywood smile” and complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity. You are to get any preventive services, which will allow you to no longer plan visits to the dentist in the nearest future. And it’s not abstract–– taking timely care of preventing the appearing and development of diseases associated with teeth and gums, which make up the standards of professional oral hygiene, you can avoid the development of new diseases in the immediate future. Indeed, healthy teeth are the key to the health of the whole organism.

Dental tourism. Guide to the UAE

According to the analytical center of the medical magazine Vademecum, dental clinics in post-Soviet countries raise prices twice / thrice a year – by an average of 20-30%, explaining this by growing prices on import supplies. Such problem does not exist in the UAE. Here the rate is stable year after year, and the prices for everything are constant and fixed.

In the Emirates, there is a separate district – the Dubai Healthcare City medical campus, where only high – level specialists strive to work. Medical institutions provide the most modern and diverse medical care, which indicates a high level of development of the healthcare system. International diplomas in the UAE are not accepted automatically and require certification in the Emirates with the possible need to pass local exams. Also, knowledge of the English language is a must for all certified medical professionals. Therefore, our advice to you: take a tour for healthy teeth in the UAE. You will be satisfied both with the quality of services and the places you have seen.

Why is it necessary to go into dental treatment in the Emirates?

The main goal of dental tourism is economizing. Similar trips are made to those regions and clinics where the prices for treatment and prosthetics are low and the quality of services is higher than in the patient’s country of residence. UAE, a mecca of medicine, is a leader of dental tourism in the Middle East. There is so high level of professionalism for the square kilometer so that dilettantes and amateurs are eliminated naturally. Don’t worry about the level of service and quality guarantee – we are responsible for the positive outcome of treatment / prophylaxis and always find a common language with patients. We promise a personalized approach to everyone.

The cost of dental tourism in the UAE. Is it expensive?

Dental tourism. Guide to the UAE

Once you have made a choice in favor of our clinic, don’t worry: you will be served by a European doctor with European quality of services. And the prices will be “ours”, quite democratic. In addition, we are located in the Deira area – this is where Russian-speaking tourists mainly stop. Therefore, the solution to your problems with teeth will be found instantly.

If you are on vacation in the UAE and are faced with an unexpected acute pain in the teeth, our specialists are ready to come to the rescue immediately. No matter how long you plan to relax / work in the Emirates and whether you have medical insurance – we will make your smile dazzling and your toothache will no longer disturb you.

We are also ready to discuss all the conditions in advance, to draw up a preliminary plan for the rehabilitation of the oral cavity. And all for the sake of your comfort so that the complex treatment process would be as painless as possible, so you could devote your time to enjoy the beauty of the Emirates

Call and consult. We are always in touch. The telephone number: +971 (56) 541-72-70. You can also contact us by writing in WhatsApp and we’ll respond asap.

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