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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment: symptoms

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Dubai Root Canal Treatment

Does the tooth react painfully to sweets? Does it hurt when you drink too cold or, on the contrary, too hot water? This means that the tooth root is damaged or affected by caries, including pulp (“pulp” is used for a nerve). Well, it’s high time to visit dental therapist to treat the root canals of the tooth.

Stages of root canal treatment

If you want to understand how the treatment of diseased roots occurs, look at the “GIF” that demonstrates the process from A to Z:

Root canal treatment. Clinic in Dubai, UAE

Endodontics includes pulp extraction, cleaning, forming and canal filling. Here is a more detailed description of the process to avoid misunderstanding:

  1. If necessary, we choose induction of anesthesia.
  2. We provide access to the root: we make a hole and remove the inflamed soft tooth tissue.
  3. Then we remove bacteria that accumulated inside the tooth. We remove nerve tissue and other “waste”, a favorable environment for the development of bacteria.
  4. We process the inside of the tooth. We give it the desired shape and dry the canals.
  5. Then it’s time for filling which is basically done with a special material that is resistant to various types of influences (gutta-percha). This helps to protect the root canals from infection and contamination. At first, the filling is temporary and through time we install the constant one.

The doctor determines the duration of the procedure. It depends on the degree of neglecting the problem and personal characteristics. On average, it takes about 45 minutes. Next, you will need a second visit for installing a permanent filling.

It is also worth noting that root canal treatment allows you to save your teeth. If such an opportunity exists, we will strongly recommend it.

Endodontic Treatment Dubai

Oral care recommendations after root canal treatment

  • Brush your teeth twice a day – morning and evening, thereby observing oral hygiene. This will protect you from problems with the same teeth in future;
  • Avoid solid food or at least minimize the meal. This can lead to complications one of which is the damage of the root canals;
  • Visit your dentist every six months for preventive purposes. We truly don’t want to make money on you. Prevention is easier and cheaper than treatment and even less removal.

Follow all the recommendations our doctors give and the recovery after endodontic treatment will proceed smoothly. The risk of complications is minimized.

Endodontics Clinic in Dubai

Root canal treatment.Price in Dubai, UAE

Our Dental Clinic specialists in Dubai (Al Wasl Road) provide root canal treatment and a full range of endodontic services. Be sure that we will do our job at the highest level. After more than 10 years of experience, we use only proven materials of high quality. We are ready to consult you and, if necessary, draw up a personal plan for your treatment. The cost of the procedure varies. On average, modern endodontic tooth treatment costs 800 – 1500 dirhams. The total treatment cost depends on the complexity of the work (including retreated cases), the type of installed filling, and the rank of the clinic. We assure you that our dentistry is the best choice for you in the “price-quality” segment. Call us or write using WhatsApp and we will certainly find a common language. Dr. Yevhenia Zykova will become your tooth fairy.