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Root canal treatment. Endodontic treatment


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Tooth root canal treatment: symptoms

Does the tooth react painfully to sweets? Does it hurt when you drink very cold or, on the contrary, very hot water? This means that the tooth root is damaged or affected by caries, including the pulp (in the common people, “pulp” is a nerve). Well, now is the time to see your dentist. And to do the treatment of the root canals of the tooth.

Root canal treatment. Stages

Do you want to understand how diseased tooth roots are treated? Here is a GIF that demonstrates the process from a to z:

Endodontic treatment is the removal of pulp, cleaning, shaping and filling of canals. Let’s try to describe the process in more detail so that there is no misunderstanding:

  1. If necessary, we introduce anesthesia.
  2. We provide access to the root: we make a hole and remove the inflamed soft tissue of the tooth.
  3. Then we remove the bacteria that have accumulated inside the tooth. We remove nerve tissue and other “waste”, which is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria.
  4. We process the inside of the tooth. We give it the desired shape. We dry the channels.
  5. We seal. Basically, with a special material that is resistant to various types of influences (gutta-percha). This protects the root canals from infection and contamination. First, we apply a temporary filling. Through time – constant.

How long the procedure will last is determined by the doctor. It all depends on the degree of “neglect” of the problem and the individual characteristics of the patient. On average, this is about 45 minutes. Next, a second visit will be required to install a permanent seal.

It is also worth noting that root canal treatment today often saves teeth. Of course, if such an opportunity exists, we will recommend it.

Recommendations for dental care after root canal treatment

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and evening, to maintain good oral hygiene. This will protect you from similar problems with the same teeth in the future.
  • Avoid foods that are too hard. Or at least minimize its reception. This can lead to complications, namely damage to the root canals of the tooth.
  • Visit your dentist every six months for preventive purposes. This is not because we so want to make money on you. Not. Seriously. It is easier and cheaper for you to prevent than to cure, and even more so to pull out.

Follow all the recommendations of our doctors, then the recovery after endodontic treatment will go smoothly. And the risk of complications will be minimized.

Root canal treatment. Price in Dubai, UAE

Our specialists at the Dental Clinic in Dubai (Jumeirah District) carry out root canal treatment and provide a full range of endodontic services. You can be sure that we will do everything according to the highest class. After all, we have more than 10 years of experience, we use only proven high-quality materials, we are ready to advise you and, if necessary, draw up an individual treatment plan. The price of this procedure varies. On average, modern endodontic dental treatment costs AED 1000 – 1500. The total cost of canal treatment is also influenced by the complexity of the work (including re-treatment), the type of filling to be installed, as well as the class of the clinic itself. We assure you that our dentistry is the best choice for you in the price-quality segment. Call us or write to WhatsApp. And we will certainly find a common language. Evgenia Zykova will become your tooth fairy 🙂

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