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Therapeutic dentistry


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How and where to treat teeth in Dubai?

History of Therapeutic Dentistry

Do you know how therapeutic dentistry appear? Here is one of the versions, a really fascinating and entertaining story.

was found by means of archaeological excavations. The venue was Italy. As the specialists managed to find out, this is exactly how the lower jaw looked like. Archaeologists and specialists in the field of medicine have different views: some say that this is an artificial prosthesis. It was made of real teeth and thin wire. Others insist that these are real jaws. They were “repaired” this way in case of severe pain – especially when herbs did not help. And they were made for the representatives of high society who could afford such glamour and “high-hat”. Thus, they showed their financial well-being and that they are no match for “ordinary” people and the poor. Just imagine how painful this procedure was!

Now things are much better. The newest and most modern methods of painless treatment that have appeared in the last 5-10-15 years allow us to solve problems with teeth within a couple tens of minutes – and then smile ear to ear 🙂

Dental Therapist in Dubai

Now, therapeutic dentistry is the most demanded and popular specialization. Actually, that existed before, but now it has been brought to the axiom which is unarguable.

Is the tooth starting to hurt or is it already hurt? Any gum or root problems? Are the walls of the molar destroyed? What do we do in all of these cases? That’s right, we go to the nearest dentistry to visit a specialist. The dental therapist will first examine and consult you. And if your problem is serious, then you will be sent to his colleague specialist (dentist / periodontist / orthodontist / orthopedist). If not, then he will cope on his own.

Quite often, the job of one specialist, especially the one who studied on the territory of the former Soviet Union, covers several specializations. That is, they are generalists. In addition, with the current progress, it is necessary to constantly improve knowledge and skills, as well as introduce new products. It is due to the appearing of new tools and materials. Approaches and techniques are becoming increasingly better.

Our dental clinic in Dubai is state-of-the-art. Our specialists have continuous practice and are ready to help you not only with therapeutic dentistry, but also with installing veneers and lumineers, teeth whitening using the “zoom” system, removing teeth (including wisdom teeth), and also taking care of the peace of your children during any dental procedure.

Dental care: dentistry services

What are the main areas of therapeutic dentistry that we cover? Here is a list for your reference:

  • Seal installation;
  • Reconstruction of the anatomical shape of the tooth with the help of aesthetic restoration;
  • Treatment of caries and its complications (pulpitis, periodontitis, periostitis, etc.);
  • Treatment of gum diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc.);
  • Лечение корневых каналов
  • Treatment of gum diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc.);

Therapeutic dentistry: prices in Dubai, UAE

You must first get a consultation to understand if you have any problems with your teeth and whether the assistance of a dentist is needed. If something already bothers you – then you can write to us in WhatsApp – and we will respond as soon as possible. We also strongly recommend you to undergo a preventive dental examination semi-annual. So, we can keep your smile always brilliant and radiant, and the pain in your teeth will not catch up with you.

In dentistry, there is no such thing as cheap, high quality, and good. We have made a choice in favor of “quality and good”. Our equipment is modern, materials are time-tested, and we are responsible for our work and provide guarantees.
Also, we do not recommend specialists who offer cheap dental services to our patients.

The prices on above-mentioned procedures in our clinic (treatment of caries and root canals, installation of fillings, etc.) are quite reasonable, especially in comparison with the competitors. Thus, we are not afraid to be responsible for the quality of all the dental operations we carry out. Write to us or call if you are interested in the cost of dentistry in the UAE. We offer European quality medicine at Russian prices, with sincere generosity and, as a result, an oriental dream.

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